Observations, Comments, and Recommendations On The Long-term Vision and the 15th Periodic Development Plan of Nepal

This document is a presentation of NPI’s major comments and recommendations on the Long-term Vision and the 15th Period Plan. This is largely based on, but not exclusively or exhaustively based on, comments and recommendations received by from a diverse range of Nepali diaspora scholars, experts and students. This also includes the comments and recommendations discussed in an event on 29th March 2019 in Bangkok where over 25 Thailand based Nepali professionals listened to and interacted with the NPC Vice-Chair and other high-level official from different Ministries. In the bid to make the feedback to NPC shorter and sharper focused at the larger policy issues (than projects or programme issues) and to keep the feedback propositional, not all feedback received could be included in this paper but NPI is committed to transparently share all the feedback in its public website.

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NPI urgently seeks an expert on governance, fragility, and resilience (as well as case studies and online training) for a two-week consultancy assignment for the Asian Development Bank. Please click on the attached TOR link. If you're interested, please drop us a line asap (email: director@nepalpolicyinstitute.org, with cc to info@nepalpolicyinstitute.org)