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NPI’s Comments and Observations on the Summary Report of Policy Research Institute Narrative on Suggestions and Policy Recommendations to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

The summary narrative and policy recommendations made by Policy Research Institute (PRI), the Government of Nepal’s think tank, first of its kind in policy research domain, is highly commendable. These suggestions and recommendations are the outcomes of after a thorough analysis of the policy gaps and resulting impacts of the government’s programs and priorities, and as well as the annual budgets of past five years: 1972/73 to 2076/77 Nepali fiscal years.


NPI Observation on Policy and Program of the Government of Nepal for FY 2077/2078

In light of the Nepal Government’s recent announcement on national policies and programs for the coming year, Nepal Policy Institute (NPI), a free-thinking international think tank of global Nepali diaspora, took the liberty to share the policy program document with a large number of scholars, experts and practitioners across continents soliciting their views.