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Contemplating immediate measures:

1. The top priority of the government should be to welcome all stranded Nepali returnee migrant workers, daily wage earners and any other Nepali who have been impacted by the spread of coronavirus and arrange transportation back to their home destinations in Nepal. At the same time, the government must also start planning for post-return livelihood activities related programs for their employment.

2. Evacuate all stranded Nepali workers to safe places on the basis of individual’s needs and urgency of the situation, and organize repatriation in safety and dignity, preferably in groups, upon assessing their mental, physical and health conditions.

3. Empower Nepali missions abroad hiring of laid-off Nepalis workers/students as interns, with some living expenses, in support of mission’s work to provide extended services to the needy migrants and support their family members within communities during the crisis period. Give special attention to needy migrants from Malaysia and Gulf countries by utilizing the Migrant Workers’ Welfare Fund, centrally collected from the migrant workers.

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