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Strengthening Democratic Process

NPI Delegation Meets Up with Election Commissioners

In a significant stride towards enhancing democratic processes in Nepal, a delegation from NPI, comprising esteemed members including Ms. Sharu Joshi and Dr. Nalini Subba, along with Engagement Manager Mr. Abhinav Joshi, convened with Nepal’s Chief Election Commissioner Hon. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya and Election Commissioner Hon. Dr. Janaki Kumari Tuladhar on June 14, 2024. This crucial meeting served as a follow-up to address various pivotal agendas previously agreed upon between NPI and the Nepal Election Commission.

Central to the discussions were pressing issues such as expanding internet / i-voting rights for Nepali citizens residing abroad, reforming election funding mechanisms including state funding to political parties & campaign financing, promoting female candidacy, and refining the electoral quota system. The deliberations were aimed at devising actionable plans to advance these critical reforms in the near future.

Mr. Thapaliya underscored the necessity for evidence-based research to inform and enhance the nation’s electoral policies. This call for rigorous research is seen as pivotal in shaping a more inclusive and efficient electoral framework for Nepal. The engagement between NPI and the Election Commissioners reflects a shared commitment to fostering transparent and fair electoral practices, crucial for upholding the principles of democracy in the country.

The outcomes of this meeting are poised to pave the way for substantial advancements in Nepal’s electoral landscape, setting a precedent for effective public-private partnerships in governance and democratic stewardship. As Nepal prepares for future electoral cycles, the partnership between NPI and the Election Commission promises to play a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive and representative democracy.

The discussions concluded with a commitment from both sides to continue their collaborative efforts towards achieving these shared goals, fostering an environment conducive to democratic growth and civic engagement in Nepal.

This meeting marks a significant milestone in the journey towards strengthening democratic institutions in Nepal, underscoring the importance of proactive dialogue and partnership in achieving lasting electoral reforms.

We hope that our contribution can lead to a better and more positive growth in the days to come.

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