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Building Bridges: Nepal-China Think Tank Collaboration Explores Critical Policy Perspectives

As part of an exchange of think-tank experiences, knowledge, and ideas, Dr. Khagendra Dhakal, Chairperson of the Nepal Policy Institute (NPI), visited the China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center (CTTREC) at Nanjing University on June 18, 2024, upon the invitation of CTTREC Director Prof. Gang Li. This visit highlighted the growing partnership between NPI and CTTREC aimed at fostering collaborative efforts in policy research and evaluation.

During his visit, Dr. Dhakal delivered a lecture on ‘Critical Thinking Approaches in Policymaking: Enhancing the Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Process,’ drawing from his experience in implementing the NPI-initiated Nepal Policy Leadership Program, offered in collaboration with Kathmandu University School of Management. The lecture was attended by CTTREC professors, researchers, and PhD scholars, who engaged in discussions on integrating core critical thinking skills into various phases of the policy cycle.

Prof. Gang Li and his team at CTTREC shared their ongoing efforts in developing a comprehensive think-tank index and insights into the growth trajectory of Chinese think tanks.

This exchange deepened mutual understanding and paved the way for future joint initiatives aimed at addressing regional and global challenges through informed policy interventions. NPI and CTTREC’s shared commitment to advancing critical thinking approach in policymaking that integrates not only evidence-based practices but also core critical thinking skills such as ‘critical numeracy’, ‘argument evaluation’, and ‘perspective taking’. This collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of combining research and critical thinking to create impactful policies. We express our gratitude to Prof. Gang Li and the CTTREC team for their invitation and hospitality.

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