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Attending Private Sector Engagement Program by L.M.C.

The NPI Engagement Manager Mr. Abhinav Joshi on behalf of the institute attended the “Private Sector Engagement Program” with the theme “Empowerment through Employment” organized by Lalitpur Metropolitan City at Hotel Himalaya, Pulchowk on the 24th of May, 2024 (Friday). The program chaired by the Mayor Mr. Chiri Babu Maharjan was attended by a number of HR leaders, employment advocates, government representatives, and NGO / policy institute representatives.

The event was focused on engaging the representatives of the private sector in the process of policy making by initiating an interaction session where in various issues were presented and the private sector in addition to various other participants were encouraged to share their ideas to introduce in the policies designed by the local government. Further various issues in regards to labor migration were also presented with Mr. Rabindra Singh, the team leaders for the ENSSURE project by Helvetas Nepal, stating that while about 10 lakh Indians are employed in Nepal, 30 lakh Nepali people are currently working in India. However while the Nepali workforce in India earn about 103 Arab Nepali rupees annually, Nepal spends around 301 Arab rupees in employing the Indian workforce. He further highlight that the present scenario is that of the educated unemployed with lack of workforce in labor centered jobs.

Events such as these if properly managed can be beneficial in the policy making process by incorporating the diverse perspectives of the related groups. We would like to express our gratitude towards Lalitpur Metropolitan City for inviting us to such an amazing event.

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