Nepal Policy Institute

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In December 2021, NPI formalized a knowledge partnership with Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). The MOU – signed by the Dean of KUSOM (Prof. Dr. Devi Prasad Sharma Bedari) and the Chair of the NPI Board of Directors (Mr. Khagendra Dhakal), lays out several areas of mutual interest in developing the study and practice of public policy analysis in Nepal. The partnership is for a period of five years starting 2022. The scope of proposed cooperation and activities includes:

(a) Share knowledge of research and practicum work of each Party, as well as lessons learned and evaluation results of their development activities;

(b) Consult with each other on issues of national and sub-national interest as well as regional, sub-regional and country-level policy dialogue and programming related to regional, sub- regional and country activities and issues, where feasible and appropriate; and

(c) Explore the potential of financing and other arrangements for funding policy analytic work at national and sub-national levels, and for relevant programs and projects that contribute to national development.

To give effect to the provisions of the knowledge partnership, an action plan for 2022 has also been finalized between the two institutions.


NPI is actively seeking to enhance partnerships with like-minded entities in Nepal and abroad that share the same vision. Please watch this space for updates on upcoming partnerships.