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Thematic Technical Committees

Establishment of Thematic Technical Committees

NPI is pleased to announce the establishment of five thematic technical committees (TTCs) that will take the lead in identifying, and carrying out, rigorous research work in some of the core areas of focus the Institute has identified as part of the strategic visioning exercise towards the end of 2021. 
The five TTCs are on:
  • Migration and Nepali Diaspora
  • Improved Educational Outcomes
  • Good Governance and Development
  • Inclusiveness in Development
  • Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change

Areas of Coverage

Areas of coverage for each Committee will be ascertained by the relevant experts that will constitute the group, but key areas are likely to include:
  • Migration and Nepali Diaspora
    • migrants’ rights (including voting rights)
    • remittances
    • welfare of migrants pre-departure, and post-arrival
    • gender considerations
    • COVID impacts, etc.
  • Improved Educational Outcomes
    • technical and vocational education and training (TVET)
    • public-private partnerships in education
    • skills mismatches
    • use of technology in education
    • Education for All
    • COVID impacts, etc.
  • Good Governance and Development
    • governance reforms
    • federalism
    • sub-national governance reforms
    • capacity building
    • public sector management
    • public financial management
    • procurement reforms
    • anticorruption efforts
    • institutional development
    • civil society, etc.
  • Inclusiveness in Development
    • social protection
    • social welfare
    • engagement with marginalized populations
    • gender and intersectionality
    • ‘leave no one behind’ policy, etc.
  • Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change
    • disaster risk management
    • focus on biodiversity
    • water and air pollution
    • resource depletion
    • weather-related crises
    • ‘Build Back Better’
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • gender considerations, etc.

Terms of Reference

The generic Terms of Reference of the TTCs are as follows (see Box 1)

Box 1. Terms of Reference for the Thematic Technical Committees

  1. Each TTC will have these mandates in its own area:
    • Carry out policy research
    • Prepare and launch knowledge products and services
    • Seek funded research opportunities
    • Enhance expertise pool, and
    • Enhance research networks
  1. Provision for each TTC will be as follows:
    • Each TTC will have a champion from among the NPI Board Members; the champions will be responsible for: (i) providing guidance on the research agenda; (ii) mentoring staff and interns, as needed; (iii) facilitating network connections in Government and elsewhere; (iv) supporting fund-raising initiatives; (v) supporting membership drives; and (vi) supporting other activities such as contributing at webinars, participating in interviews, etc.
    • Each TTC will have a Lead who will ensure that the work of the Committee is current; the TTC Lead will be appointed by the NPI Board, and whose term of appointment will not exceed three years.
    • Each TTC will prepare a brief operational plan for the forthcoming year, which will be endorsed by the Board
    • The NPI Board may make resources available for seed funds to initiate specific policy research work for each TTC
    • Each TTC will submit a half-yearly progress report to the Board through the NPI Executive Director

Search for Leads for Each TTC

NPI is also looking for expressions of interest from NPI Experts who would like to lead the individual Committees. The basic Terms of Reference for this role are:
  • Scan the policy analytic sphere in Nepal in order to ascertain the domains of relevant policy issues to study
  • Identify research opportunities
  • Seek funding opportunities to carry out the research
  • Lead the knowledge work related to all research carried out in the particular thematic committee
  • Engage with relevant individuals and entities in Nepal and elsewhere that are working on policy research and advocacy for development in the country
  • Seek to enhance the experts pool in the thematic committee
  • Prepare brief operational plans for the Committee to be submitted to the Board for approval
  • Report on Committee work to the Board of Directors twice a year
The Leads of the TTCs will report to the NPI Board of Directors through a reporting line to the NPI Executive Director. Each Lead will carry the title of a NPI Fellow.
If you are interested, please send us your CV along with a cover letter (email:
Deadline to apply is: June 15, 2022
Note: These are not paid positions; NPI will endeavor to support the groups with seed funds to help initiate research work.

Interested to join any TTC?

If you would like to join one or more of these groups, please visit and register your interest (select ‘Expert Roster’ under ‘Get Involved’)

For further information, please contact:

Executive Director